Assistant Dog Walker – Volunteer

Kasaya is now able to offer placements providing the opportunity for volunteers to shadow a professional dog walker and trainer.

Volunteers can expect to be involved in:

  • handling dogs out on walks in public spaces
  • helping to get dogs in and out of a pet transporter van to and from their homes
  • helping with home care such as letting dogs into their garden, filling water bowls and cleaning up and refreshing soiled newspaper / puppy pads
  • towelling down dogs after walks

Volunteers may expect to gain:

  • experience in handling a variety of different dog breeds
  • the chance to discuss and explore dog training methods such as recall and general  obedience with a professional trainer
  • the chance to observe and discuss canine behaviour and management of groups of dogs

To apply for a voluntary placement with Kasaya, please download and complete the application form: Kasaya Canine Services – Volunteer Application Form and email to

For general enquiries or to discuss your application please call Charlotte on 07421327067.