Remote Private Coaching

Interested in Private Dog Training tailored to address your dogs specific behavioural difficulties? Please contact Charlotte to arrange a telephone consultation.

Telephone consultations allow the opportunity to discuss any training difficulties in detail and also go through your dogs full background to help decide the best course of action.  Consultations are charged at £10.00 and can be expected to last up to 90 minutes.

Once a home consultation has been completed, Kasaya can then put together a training package detailing the training aims and objectives suggested to address specific target areas as discussed and provide full instructional videos for you to work on exercises at home.

In addition to this, Kasaya also offers (as optional extras) 1:1 private tuition sessions (lasting 1 hour each) to guide you through the exercises and / or private trouble-shooting sessions if you are experiencing any difficulties (30 minutes or 1 hour sessions).

Of course, with bespoke packages, Charlotte is also available to message to answer any quick questions!

Please note: all 1:1 sessions are currently being conducted online via Zoom Web consultation.