Online Courses

Kasaya is now offering online training packages designed to combat common behavioural problems and learn popular skills. These are taught through step-by-step self-study video courses with online support to help troubleshoot any difficulties along the way! All are attended online, from the comfort of your own home. Kasaya specialises in turning your training, from a chore, into an activity that is exciting and engaging. This is achieved by designing courses which take a common training goal (or set of goals) and breaking them down into easy achievable steps, increasing your chances of success! All training methods are non-punitive and scientifically backed and approved. Most techniques employ the use of food, toys or praise to reward your dog for wanted behaviours. Kasaya is based in Burton upon Trent (Staffordshire) however online courses are open nationwide.

For further information on individual training packages, please click on the links below.