Dog Training

How do you teach your dog not to jump up at guests? What about stealing food from the kitchen countertop? What happens when your 40kg German Shepherd Dog is fully grown and STILL is trying to drag you down the street at the opposite end of the lead?

These are all common problems dog owners may struggle with, despite otherwise having a wonderful and loving companion.

Wouldn’t life be easier if they could just sit calmly and wait to be greeted or actually ENJOY ambling by your side on a stroll through the park?

Dog training is all about building an effective communication pathway between you and your furry friend to build a strong positive bond and make for a calm, confident and controlled dog. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Starting training early, from the moment you get your puppy home, is essential to this process. Kasaya’s class: Introduction to Positive Dog Training – Beginners Class caters for dogs from 12 weeks (after vaccinations) up to 24 months and aims to provide owners with a solid foundation to understand how to positively communicate with their dogs the way they would like them to behave.

Classes are aimed not only to be informative but also importantly fun and engaging!


Monday Evenings 5:30-6:30pm and 6:30 – 7:30pm
Saturday Mornings 10:00-11am
(Starting Monday 13th August)

Marchington Village Hall
Tinkler’s Lane (off Hodge Lane)
Marchington Woodlands
ST14 8PA

£12.00 per dog class (up to two observers welcome for FREE with each dog and handler)

INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE OFFER: Book your first five classes for £40!


 From August 2018 I will be running Puppy Training Classes (for dogs up to 24 months of age, must be fully vaccinated) at a new venue in Marchington Woodlands, Uttoxeter. The venue has both indoor and outdoor facilities, toilets and ample parking.

Classes are aimed at new dog owners or those who are struggling and would appreciate professional advice and support with dogs aged up to 24 months. Classes are limited to no more than six dogs to ensure all handlers and dogs receive the help and attention they require.

Teaching is based on up-to-date, scientific principles behind Animal Behavioural Science and positive training methods.

Ran by a student member of the Professional Association of Canine Trainers (PACT), a Practitioner Organisation of the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC).

Please contact Charlotte to book your space!

To find out more about PACT or the ABTC please follow the links below: