COVID-19 pandemic: New Business Procedures

Advice from the CFSG: “There remains no evidence that pets are implicated in the transmission of Coronavirus to people and infection of the pet is unlikely, but
that there is some risk of virus being carried by pets and their belongings.”

Service restrictions:

  • I am able to continue Group walks, with dogs from different households, however dogs from infected or self-isolating households will not mixed with others from non-infected households.
  • I am able to walk Dogs from coronavirus infected households but if doing so they must be walked after dogs from all other households.

Upon arriving for collection:

  • Hands to be sanitised before coming into your household to collect dog(s).
  • Handovers to take place wherever possible outside.
  • If handover occurs within your premises and you are present, face masks now need to be worn by both me and you at the point of transfer with you as the household owner open and closing all doors.
  • Dogs will be walked using my own business leads. If safe to do so, your dog should be securely tied to a fixed object such as a hook whilst the you retreat two metres for me move forward to attach the business lead and take your dog. Once I have moved back you may then retrieve your lead. The reverse procedure is used to return dogs.
  • Nothing else to be handled (such as my phone) during any time of (handover) contact.

During walk:

  • I will be maintaining social distance while walking, keeping to quiet areas and not allowing other people or pets to come into contact with your dog.

When returning dog:

  • Dogs to be wiped with a clean, damp disposable J- cloth before returning to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to you as the owner.

After handover:

  • Vehicle and all equipment will be cleaned and disinfected between dogs.
  • All leads used to be washed ready for the next day (each lead only used once for one dog).

General service precautions:

  • For the time being, I am no longer accepting cash payments. Payment can be made via BACs transfer using the account details provided on your invoices.
  • The Government’s current advice is that if you have a new continuous cough or fever then you should self-isolate for 7 days if you live alone or 14 days if you live with family. If you think you may be unwell I ask you to inform me so that we can arrange to either cancel services for this period or have your dog walked after all other households.
  • If I present any symptoms I will have to cancel all services for at least the following 14 days.
  • If you are not showing any symptoms but you are in a vulnerable group (elderly, pregnant or have a chronic medical condition) then for your own risk, I advise that services are temporarily suspended. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make and I will not refuse service if you do decide to proceed.

Please contact Charlotte on 07421327067 or email at for any questions in relation to the above.